Saturday, June 09, 2007

The End.

not sure what to write in this final post....except that this is the end. i'm done with law school and this blogging effort will not survive as i move on to my new job and return to atlanta...laterz.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Vedas as Western Thought

This is an interesting link my friend sent me. Check it out. A western professor talks about how Sanskrit and Vedic tradition is actually tied to the western thought more than we think.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Earth, Fire, and Water

so this weekend i finished my long awaited viewing of the deepa mehta trilogy - earth, fire, and water. i must say that my favorite was water as far as its emotional impact. earth really did wrench my guts. fire was a bit odd, yet fit into the director's overall message.

i think one of the quotes in the movie water was that only Gandhiji was a man who listened to his subconscious - his atma - and engaged in action. imagine if more people did that. water was an amazing film. the work of the little girl - chuyia as a widowed child was endearing and impacting. lisa ray was ravishing and this drove in the point - she too had been widowed as a child and yet is forced to spend the rest of her life a widow, a prostitute, devoid of any natural love or respect from the society that walks by her and countless other widows everyday. of course the movie was set in the past, but things have not quite changed today. more needs to be done.

earth just reminds us that man is capable of much misery. yes the british divided india. but the indians (hindus and muslims) divided each other. is religion to blame? are the british to blame? or as aamir khan's character points out - is there an animal in all of us that is just waiting to leap out? is man that predisposed to violence against his own?

fire was certainly off the beaten path. while i could not much relate to this movie, i think it drove the point home - people can be ignorant and uneducated which breeds blind traditions without regard to whom it benefits or harms.

all these movies do an excellent job in igniting one's passions and beliefs. no wonder deepa mehta had so many problems filming the movies. its movies like these that people can learn from and improve themselves to ensure movies like these one day will not have to be made. indians have much to be proud of, but don't be fooled that it rises above other cultures far superior in every respect.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


well...back from india...i filled pages in a travel journal...and don't really feel up to posting it all up here...i might try and scan the stuff and put it up...when i get a sec...which so far is NEVER...

this semester is turning out to be super busy...boring and tough add on life and there you go...2007 is off to a crappy start...

oh well...i'll post again when i feel like from india are on facebook...laterz

Monday, December 11, 2006

10 years.

that's how long its been since i was last in! i can't believe i'm finally making it back...this should be a great trip...i'm planning on touring south india with my family...going back to gujarat as well...and just enjoying myself and seeing how far everything has come over the past decade...i'll be posting pics and travel blogs up here....stay in touch...

also my friend is posting her india trip on another blog...go to: and at the bottom enter the username "atlglossy"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Strange or Ironic.

I'm not talking about the GA-Ga Tech game. That was expected. We love Reggie. In fact, our student section cheered his name every time he came out. You look into the Tech section and they look confused (probably IE majors, all of 'em).

I'm talking about this news clip - LexisNexis founder dies. Kinda strange....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Buffalo Wing Omelet

haven't written in a bit...did something crazy to my traps at the i've been in a state of agony...between the hot water bottle refilling and shoulder circle exercises i'm losing it...hopefully will be back in full force...until then enjoy this recent discovery...i was in the kitchen one day not wanting my usual omlelet (or omelette if you prefer) i found a bottle of buffalo wing sauce...put some in...5 mins later i was very happy...enjoy

4 eggs (discard two yolks if you feel healthy; discard two whites if you need that chubbalubba)
2 tbs milk
1 tbs buffalo wing sauce
diced onions (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix briskly. Heat up a pan. Add some olive oil spray or whatever you use. When its hot, add half the egg mixture. Lower the heat know how to make an omelet right? OK - do it. Fast forward to enjoy and thanking me for tantalizing your taste buds.